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Apr 18, 2014
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Apr 18, 2014
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Apr 17, 2014
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Artists Who Inspire Me


To-Do List

Random Pokemon art-Not Started Yet

Art of Blue and Ivory-Not Started Yet

Art of Nebula-Not Started Yet

Random Dragon art-Not Started Yet

Okami art-Not Started Yet

Gift art for friends-Not Started Yet


I am a dragon by invisibledecoyScale Stamp by AeroGuardianChuggaconroy Stamp by Soragirl71293Skyrim Farkas Stamp by WeirdHyenaPaarthurnax Stamp by AuriV1Paarthurnax stamp by ChrysalisloverAlduin Stamp by AuriV1Alduin stamp by ChrysalisloverSkyrim by skinnyveestampDragons by skinnyveestampSmaug ~ Stamp by RogueLottiePokemon X and Y Stamp - Xerneas and Yveltal by HlTLERYveltal Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsVerticality by KyuzethI love Yveltal stamp by FunnyGamer95Xerneas Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsXerneas Stamp. by SuffocationXJayHorizontality by KyuzethTaisho Bee Fan Stamp by Tsuna-DrakenZidanexGarnet Stamp by ShadoomyOkami Stamp by dawnsoulI Support KitaWolf87 by KatWithKnivesI Draw More Than Just MLP Stamp by Rosethethief"Rape isn't a joke" stamp by Absorbent-towelAlucard Stamp by lunevesTeam Alucard-Stamp by ZeClareAlucard the pilot stamp by fireheart1001Alucard Fan Stamp by LaughteroftheLeavesSephy :heart: by Rikiku321-LANCE- Stamp: 1 by Drag0n-Mistr3ssThe Legend of Dragoon Stamp by nakashimarikuLoD: Rose Stamp by susu-chanDart Feld by Letmeliveff7Albert Stamp by Amane-sanLavitz Stamp by Amane-sanYoung Mewtwo Stamp by KaidaTheDragon150 - Mewtwo by PokeStampsDexMewtwo Stamp by gangstergSpyroXCynder stamp83 by Cynderthedragon5768SpyroXEmber stamp 8D by Cynderthedragon5768Mewtwo Stamp by HopelessSoul13Mewtwo by Cathines-StampsMewtwo Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsAsch is too epic... by Sheena-X-Zelos150 - Mewtwo by MarlenesstampsMewtwo Still a Power House by GreedLin384 - Rayquaza by PokeStampsDexShiny Rayquaza No. 384 by TheStampKingRayquaza Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsToA - Jade Curtiss by neko-yashaStamp Scar by HavickTheLionStamp - Tales of... fan by OldaccountYAMISHINLegendary Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-OtterThorn with Guinness stamp. by ThornaciousXena stamp. by ThornaciousLipsticked Thornacious stamp by ThornaciousThorn stamp by ThornaciousThorn plushie stamp by ThornaciousJust For Faun club stamp by ThornaciousElora stamp by ThornaciousIggy stamp by ThornaciousStamp - Final Fantasy by shadowed-light-wavesI Support Final Fantasy by truckstopsFinal Fantasy Stamp by Death-Summoner.: Final fantasy XIII stamp :. by SeppyoFirion stamp by Oh-DesireDissidia Pretty Lights Stamp by false-screenshotDissidia WoL Intro Stamp by false-screenshotToS - Kratos Aurion Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestFF leviathan Wawe Stamp by Michio11OP_Waka Stamp by Stamp221Zirra fan stamp by SeeraphinePrimal Rage stamp by NickyVendettaWoL x Cosmos Stamp by ImperilgaWacom User :stamp: by AmblygonPS Lady stamp by TakerTookMyToysAttraction is Not Love by SailorWolf4Disney Stamp - Scar by MissBezzECCO LURV by Scattered-StampsPOTC: Jack Sparrow by Claire-stampsHe's A Pirate by azianwolfdoll.:RQ:. BlazeXFrost Stamp by ShadowXEyenoomAlucard is Love by nightaliveEvil Cynder Stamp by SeeraphineRe-Vamp Volga Stamp by WeirdHyenaInfernacus Fan Stamp by WeirdHyenaAcerbus Fan Stamp by WeirdHyenaFeuriah's Dawn stamp by WeirdHyenaFD Stamp : Ignitus by WeirdHyenaZira Stamp by DJ88Stamp zira 3 by HavickTheLionStamp: Spyro x Cynder by Doktor-Savage


Blue Spitfire
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Blue chibi by NaedaBlue by Aniusia483

3DS Friend Code:
Name: Blue
Friend Code: 0044-3206-2930

Skype name: bluethedragoness

I Support DragonessBlue by KatWithKnivesTaisho Bee Fan Stamp by Tsuna-DrakenStamp: DRAGON ELEMENT fire by StephDragonnessStamp: DRAGON ELEMENT water by StephDragonnessAlduin Fan by Tae-RaiAlduin stamp by ChrysalisloverSmaug ~ Stamp by RogueLottiePokemon X and Y Stamp - Xerneas and Yveltal by HlTLERYveltal Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsI am a dragon by invisibledecoyScale Stamp by AeroGuardianChuggaconroy Stamp by Soragirl71293Skyrim Farkas Stamp by WeirdHyena


Best friend, fellow Suikoden/Final Fantasy lover, and someone who picks me up when I'm feeling down:

I am a Dragon artist/fanartist.

:star:I am an Official Shiny Pokémon Hunter Dragoness:star:


What Alicorn Princess Are You?
What Alicorn Princess Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Who Are You In The Mane 6?
Who Are You In The Mane 6?
Hosted By Anime

Being rude on my submissions, trolling and causing drama on my art and page, and insulting me and my friends gets you a warning. Keep up that crap and you will be blocked. It also includes if I don't want to put up with drama or I plain just hate you and your childish behavior. Don't like it? Leave my page, grow up, and deal with it.

Join these groups: :iconsoldiershonor::iconsilverelite::iconfinal-fantasyforever:

Full Information:
Name: Blue Spitfire
Age: 27
D.O.B: December 18th, 1986
Gender: Female
Personal Quote: "Music is my Remedy, my Cure, my Therapy, and my Relaxation."
Dragon Species: Blue dragon with elements of Fire and Water
True species-Human

Loves: Video Game Walkthroughs, Let's Plays, unique yet funny commentary, Dragons, Lions, Foxes, Family, Friends

Likes: Final Fantasy, Sephiroth, Cloud Strife, Devil May Cry, Animé, Video Games, Reading, Art, Music, Okami, Pokémon

Hates: Weeaboos (People who abuse Japanese terms, who try to speak broken Japanese, and are far too obsessed with anime and impossible pairings that would never happen), Drama-Queens, Liars, Twilight, Flamers, Internet Trolls, Art-Thieves, Stalkers, People who talk about others behind their backs, Whiners

Dislikes: Flirters, 1st-Person shooter games, being told what to do, people who flame my friends, forced rping, Fan-Based Yaoi and Yuri

Dragon physical description: Blue dragon with 2 sets of ear fins; one small set behind the eyes and one large set on cheeks and back of jawbone. Gold horns and barbed claws on wings. Mane and forelock of brown hair; forelock falls over right eye and mane falls over the left side of the neck. Sea green wing membranes, sapphire-blue claws, lavendar underscales and fin membranes, sea green webbing between toes and membranes on finned tail tip. Golden collar on neck/bracers on ankles and wrists; collar and bracers have rubies set into them.

Blue Spitfire has a very calm and outgoing personality. She loves to talk to the people she trusts the most, but can be shy at times. She can also be icy-cold to people if they push her too far. She can become easily discouraged and downhearted. She also tends to doubt herself more than she cares to admit. She loves to play video games and do artwork whenever she feels like it. She doesn't like certain foods, but loves to eat chicken and potatoes for dinner.
She's not very good at stating an opinion to any kind of subject and sometimes trips over her words when she's nervous. She also loves to go to bed at weird times of the day, but hates being woken up in the morning. She also hates being told what to do and often asks others to not try and order her around. Overall, she loves to make new friends and build a stronger relationship with her current, lifelong friends.

Current Residence: Somewhere in Snowy Mountains
Favourite genre of music: Video Game Orchestration
Favourite style of art: Anime and Computer Art
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Edition
Shell of choice: Windows 7 Default
Wallpaper of choice: Dragons
Skin of choice: Windows 7 Custom Theme
Favourite cartoon character: Sephiroth, Jade Curtiss, Alucard from Hellsing, Waka and Amaterasu from Okami, Scar from The Lion King
Personal Quote: Beware the Cuteness!

Life Update

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 22, 2014, 6:51 PM


Skyrim Logo by SuperFlash1980Blue chibi by Naeda


=OKAMI= Journal Doll - Oki by LeoKatanaOkami by BronzeHaloPage Doll : Sesshomaru -Free Use! by Kitty-Vamp

Point Commission Journal:…

Livestream Channel:…

Gaming Stream Channel:…

Fire/Water = Scalding Steam
My personality is like both the hottest flames and the coldest storms: forever shifting, but always cancelling each other out.

I know I don't update enough and I apologize. ^^; Oh well.


Anyway, I'm just updating to apologize for my slight inactivity and to let you know that I've been doing okay these days. :D I've got a Valentine's Day dance coming up on the 7th of February and I have a date to it, so wish me luck. :heart: I'm also updating to let my watchers, friends and online family know that I will be moving at some point in time this year.
No, I am not moving accounts. I am moving back to my home state of California with my mom. I'm glad to be going back there because this cold weather is kicking my tail big time. The warmer weather will help with my mom's and my health and it will be good to see my family again; especially my grandmother.
So if I suddenly become inactive during the spring, it's because I'll be in the middle of packing and moving. When I do get settled in down in California and have my computer and internet set up again, I will write a journal to let you know the situation. Until then, stay safe my fellow watchers and friends.
Love you all,
Blue the Dragoness

My birthday badge

  • Mood: Amused
  • Listening to: Wutai-Nobuo Uematsu
  • Reading: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  • Watching: Various Let's Plays on Youtube
  • Playing: Final Fantasy VII
  • Drinking: Grape Punch Snap Punch


DragonessBlue has started a donation pool!
3,192 / 99,000

NOTE: Commission requests must be commented here:…

Commission payments go here.

Static Icons-5 :points:

Linearts (headshots/half-body/full-body)-10 :points:

Flat Colors (headshots/half-body/full-body)-20 :points:

Shading (headshots/half-body/full-body)-25 :points:

Shading + Highlights-30 :points:

Headshots with Shading + Highlights-35 :points:

Half-Body with Shading + Highlights-40 :points:

Full-body with Shading + Highlights-70 :points: (These are difficult for me, but I tend to try my best with them in order to improve.)

Additional Characters- +5 :points: for each additional character

Backgrounds- +10 :points: (Complex backgrounds are double the price)

Will draw:
Animal/Dragon/Pony/Pokemon OCs
Couples (Either headshots or half-body)

Will not draw:
Fetishes (Watersports, Vore, etc.)
Anthros (I can only draw feral characters)
Alicorn OCs (Especially those who are directly related to Princess Celestia/Princess Luna as siblings when those two Princesses have no other siblings whatsoever.)

You must be logged in to donate.


:iconreshizekro-fan-club: :iconsilverelite: :iconkittys-anime-club: :iconthe-ice-kingdom: :iconyorikotsu-fanclub: :iconsoldiershonor:


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Me too, I am a fan of Pokemon since my childhood :D
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Thanks for faving my Sheelos picture :3
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I like your art! I used the link to the alicorn princess quiz. I got Cadence
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